Dead Rats Cycles (est. 2009) is an independent workshop in Chorlton, Manchester (UK) where unique retro modern bikes are built and vintage classics are restored to their former glory.  While specialising in older machines, high quality repairs & servicing is also available to customers with modern bikes.

Great pride is taken to balance function with form, creating individual bikes that look incredible and ride beautifully.  As a Green Award winner sustainability is a priority, along with optimising resources and repairing rather than replacing where possible.  Elbow Grease and attention to detail are key with each cycle tuned to perfection.

Eschewing new imported frames & components, vintage items are up-cycled with modern refinements to create unique new forms of two wheeled alchemy.  Some are built purely for fun, others for maximum practicality, but all reference vintage style in a contemporary way.

Inspirations in the cycling world range from Italian lightweights and French randonneurs, to English 3 speeds and US klunkers.  From the wider world Dead Rats Cycles look to 20th century art & industrial design, classic LP sleeve artwork, Pantone colour schemes, custom hot rods and well-thumbed copies of Back Street Heroes magazine!




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