My name is Alexander Cook and my passion is Dead Rats Cycles, the award-winning independent workshop in Chorlton (Manchester) where I build, repair and restore custom, vintage and modern bicycles for a growing, loyal range of customers.

I take great pride in making bikes work perfectly and building unique, retro/modern machines that look incredible & ride beautifully.

Top customer service part of my ethos, along with an attempt to contribute to a greener society by advocating cycling, repairing rather than replacing, restoring vintage machines back to their former glory and hand-building custom bikes to the very highest standard.

My position is very different to almost all other bike companies, who simply import new frames & components from Asia and re-package them, which encourages folk to needlessly replace usable bikes with another one and is at odds with my position on sustainability.

Appointment only workshop service with flexible opening hours

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Looking to fix up your old bike?  Or for something different to a generic off-the-peg import – a bike that’s tailored to your exact requirements?  Or for a clean used bike that works like new?  Look no further.  Dead Rats Cycles offers a boutique workshop service, reconditioning and optimising wherever possible.  Attention to detail is key and everything is supplied tuned to perfection.  Knowledgeable and honest, I use my skills, experience, contacts and elbow grease™ to create and maintain unique, beautiful, safe and fully serviced machines for racers, tourers, commuters, hipsters and leisure riders alike.


Alexander Cook