Do you want a unique bike, hand built around a classic frame, with a harmonious selection of components and finished in Dead Rats Cycles’ signature style?  Such a machine costs more but it’s worth it in the same way made-to-measure clothing is superior to off-the-peg.  It’s yours, in a way no other bike could be.

“A poor person cannot afford to buy cheap things”

Dead Rats Cycles specialise in restored vintage frames with modern refinements and can source your frame & components piece by piece, or undertake a build based around items supplied by you.  Sometimes buying a complete donor bike can work out to be more cost effective.

“Cheap, light, strong – pick two”

With vintage/retro bikes (not the same thing) consider how authentic and period correct you wish to remain.  You choose – it’s your bike and we’ll make it happen – but I will voice my opinion.  Aim for overall aesthetic harmony over a nonsensical effort to match everything.  Dead Rats Cycles can also advise you on myriad components and set-ups as invariably they’ve been tried & tested.

“Less is more”

With your requirements, style, specification and budget agreed, you’ll be asked back in for a ‘fitting’ when your bike is at the rolling stage, a good time for us to make minor amendments – it’s very interesting to see your bike progressing from concept to reality.  Later, once you’ve ridden the finished bike around for a few weeks, come back again for a free first service.

“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia”

The aim is to make your bike look stunning and work perfectly.  Each build is given total attention, and is hand built in an artisan workshop rather than mass produced in a factory.  Tuning bicycles down to the last ball bearing, Dead Rats Cycles pore over small details so that your bike will simply look & feel right.