Treat yourself to a bicycle wheelset built the proper way – by hand.  As with tailoring & cuisine nothing compares to handmade and once you’ve ridden the real deal you’ll appreciate their true value.  Put simply, the energy that’s put into skillfully building a custom wheel is stored in the finished item as ride quality, strength and longevity.

Wheelbuilding is a very satisfying experience which requires close attention to detail, patience & skill.  Be wary of very cheap wheelbuilding services; in order to get the finished wheel to ‘stand’ properly – and stay that way – there’s more to it than simply lateral & radial truing.  To paraphrase my wheelbuilding hero Gerd Schraner:

“the aim is stability and balance in the spoke structure, using the best and highest tension, to achieve a durable unit that remains stable while being ridden yet produce enough elasticity to cope with excessive load.”

I’m happy to discuss all options and make recommendations based on my experience & research.  Over the years I’ve built wheels with disc, non-disc & drum brake hubs – with low & high flanges – of the cassette, freewheel, track, flip-flop & internal hub gear type.  I’ve built these onto various sized rims (mostly made of aluminium, with some steel and carbon) using different spoke types in a range of hole counts & patterns.

Certain methods are tried & tested however and I would personally choose eyeletted aluminium rims & hubs connected with 32/36 x DT Swiss Competition double butted spokes (with matching nickel plated brass nipples) laced in a 3 cross pattern in almost all applications – to me it’s the classic wheelbuilder’s wheel.

As well as wheelbuilding, I also offer:

  • wheel truing
  • rim replacement
  • spoke & nipple replacement
  • rim re-dishing
  • hub axle re-spacing
  • hub axle conversions
  • hub servicing
  • freehub servicing & replacement

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