Raleigh Bomber Mk2 restoration part six

About time we got the brakes ready… and here they are, all cleaned up and polished (with new leather faced pads, restored fork braces – NOS rubber sheaths are in the post from a cool guy on eBay – a red alu washer by Weinmann that we turned around, and one adjuster replaced) while we await the frame back from the powdercoaters :) Typically for the era, the adjusters and main central bolts feature Raleigh’s proprietary threading – so replacements nuts are like hen’s teeth!

2 thoughts on “Raleigh Bomber Mk2 restoration part six”

  1. The Bomberman (retired)

    The brake blocks on the bomber differed from front to rear. Rears are the ones shown in the picture but the fromt were generic Raleigh Chopper style ones, about 10mm longer

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