May I present Bob’s Norco Threshold?  Ridden hard for 30+ miles a day for two years on a variety of road & trails and a visual warning against the over lubrication of the bike chain!

A good proportion of my daily activity is servicing commuter bikes, but I rarely post photos of them as they’re not that interesting.  But, in my world of worn out chains, this bike is a cut above the rest!  Letting a drivetrain get this worn out can be costly – that grungy mix of oil and dirt is so sticky that it wears parts prematurely.  And in this case danger raised it head as outer chainring wear caused the chain to come off, almost wrecking the front derailleur.

Rolling up my sleeves (and gearing up from 46 to 50 tooth at the owner’s request) I replaced the offending chainring, cassette and chain then cleaned up the inner ring and the derailleurs, adding new pulley wheels to the rear.  I don’t wear latex gloves so you can imagine the state of my hands (they’re rarely immaculate at the best of times to be fair).

Regular bike cleaning & servicing – including using a simple chain wear indicator – saves money and makes a bike feel much nicer.  Of course I would say this, but it’s a fact!  After the overhaul was completed (and it was for the lowest possible cost) Bob claimed the bike’s 2×11 speed Shimano drivetrain felt better than when it was new – very satisfying feedback for me. 🙂