Most of these levers are for use with rim-brake calipers and are generally also compatible with cantilevers, road cable discs, drum brakes, u-brakes and roller-cam brakes.  For drop bars the clamp is generally 23.8mm (or 22.2mm for flat bars) though this is not always the case, and the clamp size of levers should match the handlebar.  Cross top levers (aka inline) are auxiliary devices for CX racing; mounted close to the stem, inlines are also used on fixies & tourers and are available with various clamp sizes.  V-brake levers are the exception – in that they pull a greater amount of cable half as hard – and are also compatible with mountain cable discs.  Some levers can work with both calipers/cantilevers and v-brakes (which obviously makes them more versatile) and have a switch, dial or grommet to adjust cable-pull.

Prices do not include postage, contact if you’re interested.  More in stock – including ferrules, adjusters & clamps, plus single levers for fixed & tandem use – just ask if you can’t see what you’re looking for or are unsure.

For STIs and other brifters, please visit the shifters page.  All items in very good used condition unless stated otherwise, and are listed in order of price – high to low.