Derailleurs (or mechs) move chains from one sprocket to another under the command of shifters (or gear levers to allows riders to maintain a steady pedalling speed in various riding conditions.  Electronic gear shifting is trickling down from the high-end groupsets as it becomes increasingly race-proven but mechanical/cable systems still dominate.  The front derailleur is becoming less fashionable as component manufacturers increase the number of rear sprockets via ever narrower chains and fewer chainrings.  For years more (gears) was more – now less is!  Confused?  Don’t be.  There are pros & cons to all bike transmission systems; experienced independent mechanics know what’s compatible with what, how to get any bike shifting smoothly and whether you really need that extra gear.  They’re the gearbox – you are the engine!  Most front road derailleurs are bottom pull (BP).  Mountain/touring/hybrid front derailleurs vary between BP, top pull (TP) or more recently dual pull (DP).  These acronyms refer to the direction from which your cable pulls the derailleur.

This page also includes a few spare parts, other frame-mounted cable guides & mech hangers are here.  Loads more spares in stock – just ask if you can’t see what you’re looking for or are unsure.

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