Much has been written elsewhere about bicycle handlebar choices.  As with many aspects of cycle design in general, there’s a spectrum on which riders can pitch their priorities between speed/racing and comfort/leisure.  At one end you’ll find folks gurning away in a time-trial, squeezing every last watt of power from their shaved legs; at the other they’re genially pootling along a tow path, marvelling at a heron.

As is often the case, a happy medium is best – especially for touring, commuting and trail riding – and handlebar choice can be so beneficial to your enjoyment of cycling.

After the main choice is made – usually between variations of drop or upright handlebars, though alternatives shapes include moustache, porteur, pursuit and butterfly – there are seemingly endless nuances regarding specifics to consider such as width, sweep, reach, curve – not to mention variations in materials, weight, colour, period correctness and style!  Competent mechanics can also advise on the crucial issues of compatibility with the rest of the bike, particularly the stem, brake levers and shifters but also in regard to bells, lights and other accessories.

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