Dead Rats Cycles take great pride in making bikes look and function perfectly. Our emphasis is on quality repairs, not selling you stuff. Regularly serviced bikes are more fun to ride as well as being cleaner, greener, safer and more cost effective.

No two bikes are identical so, unlike many shops, there are no fixed rates for jobs – though you can get an idea here. All work is carried out by a highly experienced Cytech Master Technician, initial consultations and quotes are free, labour is £40 per hour flat rate and you’re charged to the nearest minute.

New parts are only fitted if absolutely necessary, unless you request otherwise. You may bring your own parts to fit, or buy online and even have them delivered here by prior arrangement.

You may be charged for cleaning your bike if it’s really dirty, as otherwise it’s impossible to work on precisely. A free ‘courtesy bike’ may be hired for a £50 returnable deposit during the time your bike’s in the workshop.

You will always be contacted in the event of work going over our agreed budget/deadline, reminded to return when it’s time for a new part/work and advised in regard to a simple, cost effective maintenance & safety routine.


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Custom Builds

Vintage Restorations


Paintwork & Frame Restoration

Leather Saddle Recovering

Singlespeed & Fixed Wheel

Internal Hub Gear Servicing

Eroica Ride Preparation

Handlebar Conversions

Accessories & Paraphernalia

Bike Clinics & Repair Workshops