After a free consultation Dead Rats Cycles will supply an estimated price to strip down your vintage bike and rebuild it back into a beautiful, fully tuned machine with 100% of its parts thoroughly repaired, cleaned, polished and lubricated.  This includes sourcing rare parts when they’re needed, thoroughly overhauling all drivetrain, brakes, bearings, controls and wheels, followed by the rebuild and fine tuning/set-up.  There may also be upgrades or customising work you wish to undertake.

Dead Rats Cycles will also give you an honest opinion as to whether the bike is worth the cost.  Restoration is a time consuming and labour intensive process, so if your bike is a wreck expect a hefty quote.  Parts costs obviously vary, but expect to pay much more for new paintwork, metal plating or upgrades.  Originality is important so we generally recommend a thorough rebuild rather than a respray.

Restoring a bicycle requires a combination of skills – attention to detail, knowledge, experience, contacts, problem solving ability, patience, brute force and manual dexterity – this is what you’re paying for.  Plus we’ve amassed the correct tools, lubricants, cleaning and polishing products along with an arsenal of spare parts.

The aim is to make your bike look stunning and work perfectly, regardless of whether a sympathetic or showroom restoration route in chosen.  Each bike is given total attention in a workshop, rather than mass produced in a factory.  Tuning bicycles down to the last ball bearing, Dead Rats Cycles pore over small details so that your bike will simply look & feel right!