Vintage Restoration

Dead Rats Cycles (DRC) can supply a free estimate to return that battered bike into your pride and joy, such as Joao’s SangalRestoration has been a major component of Alex’s services since the business began in 2009.

A combination of skills – attention to detail, knowledge, experience, contacts, problem solving ability, patience, brute force, manual dexterity – is what you’re paying for.  DRC has also amassed the correct tools and lubricants, cleaning and polishing products and an arsenal of spare parts.

The finished bike will be a beautiful and fully functional machine, rebuilt to the workshop’s exacting standard – every component is thoroughly optimised, repaired, cleaned, polished and lubricated.

DRC can give you an honest opinion as to whether the bike is worth the cost – based on experience and knowledge of market values – though your sentimental attachment may overrule your budget.  Restoration is time-consuming and labour intensive – the process includes a full rebuild, sourcing rare parts where needed, overhauling all drivetrain, brakes, bearings, controls and fine tuning the entire set-up – so if your bike is a wreck expect a hefty quote, especially for additions such as new paintwork, metal plating or wheelbuilding.

Some bikes must be kept as original as possible, for others there may be upgrades or customising work to undertake – just say.  Whether you want showroom condition, an oily rag renovation or something more individual, let’s talk about fixing up that treasured old steed.

Click here to some recent restorations

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