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  1. Hi
    I’m doing up a Vitus Futural 787 and the seat post can’t be found. It seem to use a special zeus one for the inframe bolt. Believe size is 24.7
    Would you have one lying around that is for sale.

    Thanks Michiel

  2. Hi I have a Raleigh Wisp that im trying to fix up for my wife.
    Crucial issue is the gear shifting. I notice you guys have done a Wisp and made it 12speed SIS. Any advice on how I could upgrade the existing 5speed friction shifting. Could I replace the old 5 speed freewheel with a new 5 speed get a new rear mech and 5 speed thumb shifter ? You guys have put a 6 speed freewheel on – did you have to redish/space the wheel ? or maybe you replaced the wheels anyway…
    All advice gratefully recieved

    1. Hi Ollie
      For 10 speed SIS your shopping list is a 5 speed Shimano SIS shifter and freewheel, you may get the old freewheel, chain and mech to work with an SIS provided the cable tension is spot on. However I presume you have a Sachs-Huret which I believe has no cable adjuster though – in which case you’ll need either a Shimano mech or an inline cable adjuster. Be safer to just get the shifter, mech, freewheel and matching chain to be sure though. For 12 speed, the same applies to the mech as for 5 speed really, no redish was necessary IIRC.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Cheers – you have been so much more help than the forums –
        Im now thinking of the other options to give my wife an even more hassle free ride…
        I guess I could go for single speed free wheel set up – any suggestions on achieving that ? I can only find new flip flop wheels with 130mm hubs online and i’ve read the wisp has a dropout of barely 126mm (haven’t actually got the bike yet – its arriving sat)
        Or I could do a 3speed hub gear – but they seem hard to find too!…cheers again.

      2. Hi there

        I just found some advice you have posted to another guy and think it provides the answer to my current predicament but I hope you don’t mind me double checking.

        I have a Raleigh Wisp which I want to replace the entire gear system… to give me 10 or 12 gears and a thumb shifter.

        I am just not sure what freewheel will be compatible with the wheel… anything I need to know? Where do you recommend I go for parts?

        Thanks, Alice

        1. Hiya Alice, yes I vaguely recall a similar question. What kind of wheel is on the bike at present, does it have the original Maillard hub? If you’re not bothered about indexed gears you could just change the downtube shifters for friction thumbies and that’s pretty much job done. If you want indexed gears thogh, you’re best to stick with one brand (ie Shimano, or poss Suntour) for most if not all of the parts. Either way you’ll need some kind of cable stop (or adjuster in the case of indexed gears) on the downtube. I recommend KMC chains and Shimano freewheels and shifters personally, all freely available on eBay etc – I don’t carry that many parts, though I may have some suitable thumbies (friction or indexed). Hope this helps?

          1. Heya

            Yep, it has the original wheel with the Maillard hub. Not to fussed on indexed/friction shifter, just as long as its easy to operate (i.e. doesn’t require too much thumb pressure). Sounds like friction will make things simpler, if you have something suitable in stock that would be ace, I am keen to support your business which looks to be doing amazing stuff. I also saw some Shimano freewheels listed on your Gears & Drivetrain section. Send me details and prices of what you have and i can get the rest from ebay.

            Thanks for your help so far, amazing work you’re doing!

  3. Hi there

    Nice website! I was just wondering if you could advise me. I have a 1970-something Dawes Echelon racing bike, which I have over the past year lavished with love and attention. I have restored it back to drop bars, given it Mavic Open Pro rims and Vredenstein tires, changed the brakes, and converted to singlespeed. All that remains is tosort out the paintwork which is in need of a repray.
    Can you guys do powercoating? There are a few patches of surface-only rust, which I’m worried about getting rid of. Should I treat these beforehand myself?
    Many thanks in advance,

  4. Paul Gallagher

    1 June 2012
    Al – just noted your contact page /website … So can call you

    Paul Gallagher ( man with Schauff Tandem post on webiste Retrobike )

  5. sharon johnson

    Dear Sir,
    desperately seeking a shimano rear hub, quick release, 7speed cassette FH-RM40, 36H, 130mm rear dropout. Want to build a new rear wheel for my Specialized Crossroads Sport hybrid bike. Only seem to be able to obtain the 8 speed version of this hub now. Can you help?
    Sharon Johnson

      1. an 8/9 speed road bike hub should still only have an OLD of 130mm so you could still fit your 7 speed cassette provided you have a 4.5mm spacer behind it (if I remember correctly!). If I were you I’d use the opportunity to buy a complete touring wheel in good secondhand condition with a higher quality hub, like a Shimano 105… what’s wrong with your old wheel?

  6. Hi,
    how do I go about arranging to bring a bike in for you to have a look at for a refurb? have inherited my mum’s old Raleigh Athena & would like to restore it (sentimental value really). I know absolutely nothing about bikes so will be in your capable hands! Also, as an aside not sure if you know about Biko bikes, based at Student’s union in Manc but sure there may be links with them we could discuss! Thanks,

  7. Hi

    I need some help restoring a Raleigh Super Bomber. The bike has got a fantastic history and is very important to me.

    Please can you give me a call on 07710 537575.

    Many thanks


  8. Gary Kenwright

    I have taken the step to build / refurb my own bike; my starting point is a Trek 4700 frame (similar to the 4500 you refurbed) can you give some advice on striping the paint off of the frame.


  9. Greetings,

    Require custom vinyl self adhesive transfer / decals for some carbon road forks, any idea where I can get some cut please?



  10. Hello,

    I’m looking for a respray for my Raleigh Randonneur frame; black with white headtube. Is this something you are able to do? Or is there someone you would recommend?



    1. Strangely enough I have the same bike in for a refurb now, though colourwise this one has white headtube and gunmetal elsewhere. I’m currently looking for a new respray partner as my old resprayer is not working any more. Good luck with the rebuild, at this exact time I can’t help with a respray but if you need anything else just drop me an email, cheers

  11. Please, if somebody can sell me a Vitus 787 or 979 Frameset, or complete bike, please, feel free to contact me:

    cansei123456 (a)

    A very big hug for all here!

  12. hi looking to do same with a bomber how much for a respray and where can i get the bomber graphics ie the warplane stickers aswell and could you do the job aswell?

  13. Hi Guys
    Don’t know if you are still selling decals
    Chasing decals for a Mountaincycle San Andreas
    Mountain bike
    Any advice on purchase would be appreciated

  14. Hi Alexander – hope all well with you It’s Andrew Jones, I bought your excellent sneaky 3 speed ( Lemmy ! ) and you did a cool conversion on my Peugeot to give it gears if you remember — both bikes have been fab and I’m thinking of rekindling my first love – mountain biking … I’ve got a much travelled Orange Gringo that’s been a faithful friend despite my abuse and I’d like to give it something back ….. ?? refurb ….?? rebuild is it something you would be interested in doing ?

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