Personal thanks to all our customers & friends, especially:

The extended Cook family plus Simon Whyatt, Kane Clover, Henry Roberts, Dan Birkbeck, Pete & Kiran, Carl Dixon, Nathan & everyone at CFC, everyone at Bicycle Doctor, Steve & Lucy at Refugee Action, Fish & Sally, Tom Baker, Bill Roberts, Oli, Sam Darling, Neil Ruddock, Al King, Bob Williamson, Pat Briscoe, Jon Moonie, Nick Hubble, Ron, Drystone Paul, Al Cusack, Mill House, Josh Steiner, Andrew Bovill, Cath Booth, Ella Wredenfors, Mick Nash, Karl Roscoe, Ben Treanor (RIP), Sam Cichuta, Mark Walker, Sam King, Ed Goodinson, Adam & Ellie, Rich & Tim Gilbert, Matt & Daisy, Rosie & Janis, Ian Epstein & everyone at Alexander Bursk, Peter Mangalore (RIP), Nathan Fiske, Andy Hick, Jonjo Nally, Alex McLennan, Alice Nicolay, Dave & Sarah Welch, Dan & Sarah Gadd, Kendall, John Baron, Melvyn Newton, John Vallins, Pete Kos, Ailsa McLaggan, Marc Starr, Deej, Ross & Rosie, Andy Adkin, Rob Dick and last but not least Shaun Atherton xx

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