Raleigh Bomber Mk2 restoration part one

Here’s Mike’s Raleigh Bomber Mk2 as delivered to us this weekend and ready for its forthcoming complete nut & bolt restoration complete with new powdercoat finish and recovered saddle. It’s in pretty good shape for a 29 year old, and mostly original too, but his brief is to have it as close to showroom specification and condition as possible (aside from a couple of minor upgrades) by early 2013. Pretty excited about this one as while I had a Grifter as kid, by the time I grew big enough for a Bomber proper MTBs were on sale so that’s what I rode! Mike supplied a few bits and pieces with the bike (including a new repro decal kit, original forks and headset and a much nicer ‘pie plate’ for the rear wheel that he’d laboriously polished) and we’ve just sourced some suitable tyres, chain, cotterpins, pads, grips, bar end plugs and various stainless steel fittings.

We’ll keep you posted, meanwhile enjoy the pics xx Alex :)

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