Raleigh Bomber Mk2 restoration part nine – FINISHED

2 thoughts on “Raleigh Bomber Mk2 restoration part nine – FINISHED”

  1. Hello i hope this finds you well.
    My name is Carl and i am a firefighter aged 45 living in Suffolk. The Bomber is one of my child hood memories i will treasure forever. I remember the christmas morning of 1983 when my Christmas present was hidden behind Mum and Dads bedroom curtain. Mum and Dad never had a lot of money but this is what they had bought me. It was a bike that dreams were made of and felt so very proud to go out and play and ride my Bomber. If you do ever decide to sell the Bomber i will buy it with out hesitation 100%. I now have small children and i would love to own such a bike again so that the magic can be past on to them and for them to create dreams as i did being a youngster. Fantastic job done and a total credit to you attention to detail on the bike. Well done.

    1. Thank you Carl, the bike actually belongs to a customer as does the one I’m about to start work on this month. If you can find one, I can restore it for you but, as BITD, it won’t be cheap. Regards, Al

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