My latest project has been this classic British 3 speed ladies roadster; it’s now finished and the restoration brought me great satisfaction!  Matthew contacted me and supplied the Raleigh a few weeks ago; it belongs to his girlfriend but originally was owned and ridden by her grandmother.  His idea was to have it restored in secret as her birthday present – smooth 🙂

The Wayfarer’s clearly had a lot of use (see bottom of page) but, given its provenance, I wanted to keep it as original as possible – so the only new parts are the Raleigh Record tyres & inner tubes, the brake cables and a shiny new chain to replace the worn-out original.  It’s been completely stripped, cleaned, lubricated and polished – a true oily rag restoration that keeps all the original 40 year old patina while transforming it into a fully functional machine that’s clean as a whistle.  I hope it brings great happiness to its owner!

Here’s how Grandma’s beloved Wayfarer looked a few weeks ago, complete with rust and cobwebs: