Building The Bike Shop – Part 2

It’s been an eventful 2019 so far for Dead Rats Cycles!  Here are a few more snaps to show how the shop fit is progressing, following on from our last post.  Huge thanks to my helpful, crafty friends and family – Kat, Sam, Ben, John, David, Kerri, Pat, Don and Adam.  Finished photos will be posted when I’ve taken care of the display areas and crossed off a million more little things from my to-do list!


I asked David to remove the old TV aerial while he was painting the exterior.  He did it.  Top man.


Exterior paintwork completed.  I think the little shop front is quite attractive.


Bespoke new section of window frame, shown unpainted at bottom of this photo under the new panel, which will feature signage soon (as will the roller shutter box above it).


New lino floor covering, on top of new screed and damp proof membrane.  A prosaic image that represents a big turning point in the process, as it marked the beginning of actually moving in and being able to place things on the floor!  Thank you John.


Scaffolding benches in the bay window.  I found and repaired the one on the left and made the other from boards donated by a neighbour.  On the right is the little cupboard I made to hide some old fittings and provide a library of bike books for waiting customers, together with shade-loving plants and USB sockets.


Workbench made by Sam from new 2x4s, donated plywood stage sheets and 4x4s and parts of a found bed frame.  Next jobs for me are to finish the trim, fit the aluminium sheet top, stain the 2x4s and fill with tools and sundries.


Dope lighting above the counter – very pleased with these!  Worn out old skool Mavic 26″ rims with LED strips, suspended by pear nipple brake cables seated in three spoke holes.  Team effort by Ben, Matt and myself.

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