1999 Cannondale F500

James brought his Dad’s very well-preserved F500 over recently for a little TLC – with a side-order of cruiser repurposing for use by him and his partner.  More mid-skool than old-skool (but still rocking 26″ wheels, a triple and rim brakes) this CAAD3 framed hardtail is from the era when ‘Dale frames were still made in the USA, with beautiful welding and innovative designs.  And that blue colour, OMG… but I digress!  OEM Gripshifters replaced by X9 triggers, new cassette and chain, Kool Stop pads and full re-cabling.  Velo Orange Klunkers bars, Bobbin sprung saddle and matching ODI Vans lock-on grips.  Fully cleaned and dialled in… love it!

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