Wheelbuilding projects

We’ve just finished another couple of custom wheel builds!

The first has a restored 1991 Sturmey Archer AW hub laced 3X with 28 stainless spokes onto a modern 700c Mavic CXP22 rim. Just need build up a front to ‘match’ it and we’ll have a trick 3 speed wheelset for a future build, likely to be a lightweight vintage steel track frame with some more modern parts, hot rods are our favourite! There are lots of options with these hubs including up to seven different shifter types and adjustable OLD. The chainline can be fine-tuned and the cog inexpensively swapped for one of a different size and/or dishing… interested?

Next is this old wheel is from 1986 which languished in the DRC storeroom for years before we finally finished restoring it. The hub is a solid axle large flange Maillard and the rim a 622-18 700c Schurmann drilled for Schraeder valve. Thoroughly cleaned, lightly polished and the hub’s been regreased too. Re-laced 3X with 36 stainless steel spokes, we reckon it’s ripe for another few thousand miles now. If anyone needs this (or any other wheel rebuilding) you know what to do! Otherwise, this wheel now needs a matching rear, give me a shout if you have a similar rim kicking around please! Or we can sell it to you of course :)

Next up, we’re fitting new Mavic Open Sport rims onto a pair of 10 speed Campagnolo hubs for a customer and we’re also looking for the following 700c clincher rims for our next wheelbuilds, please contact us if you can help…

– pair 32 hole black modern 700c road rims, 25mm profile, with eyelets (to suit 19-28c tyre)
– 1 x 36 hole silver modern 700c hybrid/touring rim, eg Mavic A119/Rigida Sputnik etc, approx 20mm profile (for 25-38c tyre)

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