July 2019 highlights

Another memorable month here at the DRC HQ.  Loads of work on and some great new associations forged.  And for part of it HOT.  Amidst a slew of sales, general servicing & repair work (and several handlebar conversions) were a number of highlights.

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France v England at the close of the month, as both our small wheel 3 speed projects came to a conclusion.  Check back soon for more photos and details of both Edie’s chic 1985 Peugeot P20 and Marianne’s glorious 1973 Raleigh R-20 Shopper.


The Raleigh ‘chrome’ project began, more details on this to follow soon (yes I keep saying that, I’m busy k?).  This is going to be interesting.


Had success sourcing more frames and parts for the shop, including these superb 1986 Suntour shifters and derailleurs.  I’ve not had the time to update the webshop pages, so visit the workshop or call if you’re looking for anything as we have loads of new stock that’s not been listed online!


I took a rare day off and it was lovely thanks.  Green lanes and ice cream make for a happy day out!


Back at it and here’s Richard’s majestic 1986 Dawes Super Galaxy 531ST after some fettling.


Lovely gift from a lovely customer.  Very nice.


Righteous pannier that came into my possession… P E A C E


Finally, Laura’s (is it a) Dawes project was completed.  Better late than never!  Replacement parts included forks, headset, stem, tyres, seatpost, pedals, shifters, saddle and bar tape.  A bitsa, but a sweet one IMHO ;)

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