Custom 1958 Raleigh path racer

This build is the result of one man’s desire for a more authentic and unique alternative to a Pashley Gov’nor Plus Two.  After clocking an earlier build of DRC’s BSA project Andrew got in touch with a specific commission that included his choice of lighting, cable free rear hub and Brooks saddle, and – perhaps more importantly – stance.  Classic long, low and lazy Edwardian geometry with a few discreet modern refinements.  I’d had the original bike (shown – with its non standard wheels, chainguard and mudguards in case you were wondering – at the very bottom) in stock for a couple of years and this project – codenamed 58PubRat – gave the old roadster its chance to take the spotlight.  Followers of DRC’s Instagram will be familiar with the various stages of the build as it’s progressed… the hours of frame preparation, NOS and bespoke parts, the restoration of the bike’s original cranks, bottom bracket and pedals, and the all important wheelbuild.  I’m really chuffed with the resulting bike, it’s 36lb of tuned slack steel rolling effortlessly along on massive 28 & 1/2″ tyres and super cool hubs.  Something of a head turner, I hope Andrew loves it as much as I do…

Frame & Fork: 1958 Raleigh All-Steel 24″

Headset: Raleigh 26TPI (NOS)

Stem: Sakae Ringyo (Raleigh branded)

Handlebar: Nitto B352 cro-mo (new)

Bar Tape: Neubaum’s cloth, wrapped over cork tape

Brake Lever: Dia-Compe 189 (new)

Brake Cable: Sturmey Archer (new)

Chain: KMC 1/8″ gold (new)

Crankset: Raleigh ‘Heron’ (original, new cotter pins)

Bottom Bracket: Raleigh (restored original, new bearings)

Pedals: Raleigh (original, new bearings)

Rims: Ryde HL32 (new)

Front Hub: Sturmey Archer X-FDD (new)

Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer S2C (new)

Spokes: Sapim Leader (new) with rim washers

Tyres: Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus 635-40 (new)

Saddle: Brooks C17 (new)

Seatpost: original with Brooks rail clamp

Seatpost Binder: Raleigh R nut (NOS)

Headlamp: Busch & Muller Lumotec Classic T Senso (new)

Bell: Crane (new)

Extras: Custom front axle spacers by Steve Short, custom rear brake arm clip, upgraded and modified vintage tug nuts, upgraded vintage valve caps, new fork lock keys by Chorlton Locksmiths, locknuts added to subframe bolts, upgraded headlamp fittings, pump mounts reluctantly removed ;)

2 thoughts on “Custom 1958 Raleigh path racer”

  1. Hi
    Love the Raleigh path racer. I notice you have wrapped black tape at the end of white cloth tape, butting up to the dia compe inverse brake levers. I am about to fix these levers on some drops and was hoping to wrap the cloth tape all the way into the bar end, wedged in by the levers. Was this something you tried but found wasn’t possible with these levers? (Hope you don’t mind techy question)

    1. Thanks for your comment. As I recall the lever was a pretty tight fit. I certainly wanted to install the cloth as you describe but I just wasn’t happy with the result so reluctantly used tape.

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