SOLD: 1989 Dawes Sterling

Fully refurbished in our Chorlton workshop is this low mileage and highly original 53cm Dawes Sterling in excellent all-round condition after a complete rebuild.  An affordable and practical classic British steel road bike, the Sterling boasts a handbuilt Reynolds cro-mo frame with lined lugs, 12 speed Shimano SIS and all-alloy wheelset plus new tyres, saddle,

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1999 Cannondale F500

James brought his Dad’s very well-preserved F500 over recently for a little TLC – with a side-order of cruiser repurposing for use by him and his partner.  More mid-skool than old-skool (but still rocking 26″ wheels, a triple and rim brakes) this CAAD3 framed hardtail is from the era when ‘Dale frames were still made

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SOLD: 1993 Giant Peloton

Available now in our Chorlton workshop is this fully refurbished and upgraded 1993 Giant Peleton steel road racing bike in superb condition.  Features an elegant yet bombproof 4130 cro-mo steel frame with excellent original drivetrain and brakes, beautiful upgraded wheels and lots of new parts.  It’s as fast as it looks so don’t sleep on

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